Keep your pergola cooler in summer and warmer in winter with insulated roof panels

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insulated roof panels pergola

Having a roof on your pergola or deck provides all weather access to your outdoor entertainment area. In essence, it creates a whole new room for you and your kids to enjoy. But on hot days, the baking South Australian heat can make your outdoor area unusable if you don’t have insulation. One of the best and most cost effective methods for insulating your pergola is with Insulated Roof Panels.

So what are they?

Insulated roof panels combine 3 components – a corrugated steel roof, an aluminium ceiling and a foam or polystyrene centre. The foam/polystyrene centre provides the insulation and most products deliver an insulation rating of 1.6-2.6R. This can keep the temperature beneath your pergola roof a couple of degrees cooler.

insulated roof panels pergola

The corrugated steel roof comes in a wide variety of colours to blend with the aesthetics of your home.

But there are more advantages to considering insulated roof panels for your pergola:

  1. They are highly cost effective as your builder doesn’t need to construct both a roof and a ceiling on your pergola.
  2. Your pergola roof is faster to construct because the insulated roof panels are self-supporting. That means you are minimising the amount of framework required and maximising the entertainment space you are creating.
  3. Insulated roof panels are streamlined so you’ll spend less time removing spider webs. While the foam insulated sandwich prevents vermin and wildlife, such as possums, calling your new pergola home.
  4. During heavy rain, insulated roof panels are quieter than simply having a steel roof.
  5. It’s easy to integrate things like ceiling fans, heaters and light fittings when insulated roof panels are installed.
insulated roof panels

Adding a pergola, deck or veranda to your home immediately increases your outdoor space and provides a gorgeous setting to entertain, relax and enjoy the outdoors in comfort.

Mid Coast Pergolas and Decks are licensed builders who can design and construct a completely customised outdoor area that will blend seamlessly with the look and function of your South Australian home or holiday shack. They’ll even arrange council approvals.

insulated roof panels flat

To see examples of our work, visit our Projects page. To obtain a quote, click here or call 08 8556 3906.

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