Planning a deck or pergola for your beachside home? Discover what you need to know.

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deck overlooking river

The building code for constructing decks and pergolas states galvanised fasteners and materials are fine. However, there’s no specific building code for homes located near the beach, and that’s a problem!

Salt air and sea spray will rust your deck’s fasteners

Decks, pergolas and balustrades use brackets, screws and nails. If you live near the beach and use galvanised or zinc coated versions of these fasteners, they will rust. When they rust, they start to lose their structural integrity.

Over time, these small components will be the items that will make your deck, pergola or balustrade unsafe and need replacing – especially if it’s an elevated structure.

That’s why we only use stainless steel fasteners when building decks and pergolas in seaside locations. They are salt and therefore rust resistant. That means they’ll ensure your deck or pergola will last a long time and will continue to look good. Stainless steel components cost a bit more initially. But considering the costs associated with demolishing and rebuilding your deck or pergola, investing in the most appropriate fasteners for your location is very cost-effective.

If you currently have a deck or pergola, look around it, including underneath (if you can), to check for rust marks and staining coming from the screws, brackets and/or nails. If you see any marks, get us out for an expert opinion on whether your deck or pergola is safe to use.

Beachside Deck and Pergola

Know what questions to ask and always choose quality

A higher price doesn’t mean you’ll get a quality product. But if you know what questions to ask, you’ll be able to determine why some quotes are higher than others.

That’s one of the reasons we write these blogs. It gives you the knowledge you need to ensure your investment in adding a deck or pergola to your home will represent great value as well as provide a wonderful living and entertaining space to enjoy.

So if you live by the beach, make sure all your quotes include stainless steel fasteners. Or contact us because we guarantee we’ll always use the right materials for your project. To see what’s possible, visit our Projects page.

Beachside Deck

From the team at Mid Coast Pergolas and Decks, we hope you and your family have

"A very Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2022"

Thank you for your support throughout the year. We’re taking a break from Thursday 23 December, and we’ll be back to build more decks and pergolas on Monday 10 January.

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