Why the building quote you got 12 months ago won’t be valid now

It’s not unusual for people to obtain a quote for a home renovation or extension and then wait a year or two before they begin. The trouble is, in the last 12 months building prices have significantly increased worldwide.

In Adelaide, housing construction prices have increased by an enormous 13.7% in the last 12 months, according to a report released in April by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. This is the strongest recorded increase in construction costs since December 2008.

When it comes to building pergolas, decks, carports and verandahs, the primary cause of price increases are for materials such as timber, metals (for fastenings, bolts and roofing) and freighting costs.

In addition to price increases, there is also increased demand for building materials – especially due to the recent east coast floods as those affected try to repair and rebuild their homes.

How does this affect you?

If you obtained a quote to build a deck, pergola, verandah or carport a few years ago and now want to begin, you can expect it will cost a lot more. It’s just the way things are.

Before you choose your builder, please consider whether you are entering into a fixed price contract or one that includes provisional allowances.

Provisional allowances cover things like your choice of balustrades, excavation costs and labour. If they aren’t specified in your contract, you could be paying a lot more than you have budgeted for. Read more about this in our blog titled 5 Ways to save money on your outdoor deck or pergola.

What we do

At Mid Coast Pergolas and Decks, we have excellent relationships with our suppliers. As a result, they advise us of upcoming price increases in advance. Because of this, we are still able to offer you a fixed price contract to build your pergola, deck, carport or verandah.

Another reason we can offer a fixed price contract is because we design first and then provide you with a quote. That means all your fittings and materials have been selected by you and are specified in the contract.

Prices are expected to increase

While we are only at the start of winter, it won’t be long until summer is here and you’ll be wishing you had a great space for entertaining. So there is no point delaying your pergola or deck. Economists are predicting building costs will continue to rise for at least the next 18 months.

If you are looking for certainty and a beautiful, high-end deck, pergola or verandah, complete our Enquiry Form here to arrange a free, 30 minute Project Assessment Consultation. During this Consultation, we’ll listen to your requirements and give you ideas about what’s possible. To see what we have been up to lately, visit our Facebook page.

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