Top 5 Reasons Why TREX Composite Decking is the Ultimate Family-Friendly Outdoor Solution

TREX composite decking project

It is common knowledge, either as proud parents or doting pet owners, that our children and furry friends are wellsprings of immeasurable joy. However, they present far more stress (and far less joy) for our treasured homes. Whether trailing mud through the corridors or scratching timber surfaces, finding construction materials that are simultaneously resistant to and safe for our families can be challenging. Fortunately, composite decking offers a robust solution for families and their pets. This blog post will delve into our top 5 reasons TREX composite decking is the ultimate family-friendly outdoor solution. If you’re a homeowner in Adelaide looking to upgrade your deck or are considering adding a pet to the family, keep reading to learn why TREX is the smartest choice on the market.

1. Composite decks are built to last

With TREX, you can rest assured that your deck will remain intact and beautiful no matter how determined your family is to leave its mark. Thanks to a proprietary composite blend of wood fibres and recycled plastic, TREX decking boards are remarkably solid and durable. The composite materials used in TREX decks are not just resistant to mould and mildew but are designed to withstand heavy foot traffic and rough play. For pet owners, TREX’s composite blend is also virtually stain-proof. No matter how much your four-legged family member fawns over their favourite spot on the deck, your boards won’t suffer in the process.

2. Composite decking is non-toxic

When building a deck, the material you choose affects more than just your family’s safety. Treated wood is often used for outdoor construction projects, as it has been chemically processed to resist damage from insects and decay. However, be aware that treated wood can contain certain hazardous chemicals like copper, chromium and arsenic (known collectively as CCA). For this reason, it’s essential to consider the potential risks to human health and the environment before opting for treated wood. CCA-treated wood can leach hazardous chemicals when exposed to moisture or high humidity or even during the sanding process. A safer choice is composite decking, such as TREX. Its durability isn’t due to harsh treatment but from its naturally resistant and hard-wearing construction.

3. Composite decking is slip-proof

Have you ever noticed that certain outdoor decking materials, such as natural stone, granite, and marble, become slippery when wet? Thankfully, this is not the case with TREX composite decking. Thanks to its anti-slip surface that provides traction even when wet, your children can enjoy worry-free play with their furry friends. Plus, if your pup loves to take a dip in the pool or pond, they don’t need to worry about slipping on their way out of the water. With TREX, there’s no more agonising about breaking a decorative vase or scuffing up the wood with those sharp claws! Put your mind at ease, and let the fun begin!

4. TREX uses hidden fastener technology for a clean and safe finish

Composite Decking Installation
TREX concealed deck fasteners are a system used to join composite decking to the deck’s underlying structure. These fasteners are hidden from sight, resulting in a smooth, seamless look with no visible screws or nails. TREX hidden fasteners make TREX decks safer for small children who may be tempted to pick at hardware or exposed edges. What’s more, this hidden fastening system ensures that the boards are securely in place, even under heavy foot traffic or strong winds.

5: Composite decks are easy to clean and maintain

Thanks to composite decking, pet owners no longer worry about jagged splinters or crackling boards that could hurt their furry friends. No need to bother with sandpaper and hardwood treatments – your pet’s paws can stay safe and sound while they enjoy the outdoors. To clean composite decking, you only need a broom, a hose, and a mild soap or deck cleaner for a more thorough cleaning. Sweep the deck to remove any loose dirt or debris, then spray it with a hose to rinse. If your pet enjoys trudging mud onto your patio, your TREX decking is gentle enough to handle a more thorough clean – all you need is some mild soap or deck cleaner, and it will look good as new in no time. With TREX, you never have to worry about your pup’s safety. Smooth and splinter-free, the composite material won’t snag their fur or discomfort them as they roam around your backyard.

Summing Up

TREX decking provides new outdoor leisure options without the commitment of traditional wood decking. You may enjoy a lovely outdoor living environment that is safe for your family and pets and easy to maintain thanks to its concealed fastening technology, anti-slip surface, and low maintenance requirements. Plus, you never have to worry about harsh chemicals or splinters again! With TREX, you can invest in years of beauty, safety and ease of maintenance. Give our friendly Mid Coast Adelaide team a call today to discover how composite decking can improve your outdoor living space.

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