Bespoke timber decking in Adelaide

At Mid Coast Pergolas & Decks, we pride ourselves on our solid reputation as Adelaide’s timber decking specialists.

Our timber decking is custom designed to fit your home and can be made to any shape or size. There is also a variety of optional add-ons that you could consider for your alfresco, including screens, stairs, ramps, gates, and balustrades.

Transform your backyard into an oasis with our premium timber decking services in Adelaide. From design to installation, our team of skilled professionals will work with you every step of the way to bring your vision to life. Contact us today on (08) 8556 3906 to schedule a consultation and let’s create the outdoor living space you’ve been dreaming of.

timber decking preperation

We can help get your deck council-approved.

We want to ensure that the road to your new outdoor decking is as smooth as possible. In South Australia, Council approval is often required for timber and composite decking that is more than 0.5 metres above ground level.

Where this is the case, we can take care of the necessary arrangements. With years of experience, we know the ins and outs of development approval and can help you avoid any unwanted hassle.

Our Adelaide team will bring your deck to life with top-quality Australian materials.

Our team understands that the first step to sturdy and durable decking is quality-treated timber. That’s why we offer treated pine and a range of hardwood decking boards to suit any project. Our wood varieties are selected based on your needs, guaranteeing a premium finish that will elevate your Adelaide property.

Our common decking species include;

Swan River Red (Karri)

Ranging from a creamy light brown to a deep red, Swan River Red is a knot-free, medium density hardwood. Due to its versatility, it’s a great alternative to more expensive decking timbers.

Blackbutt [BFR]

Blackbutt is a golden-brown, medium density timber. With a high fire resistance, it’s a popular decking choice that pairs well with regional areas, such as the Adelaide Hills.

Spotted Gum [BFR]

As one of Australia’s widely available native premium timbers, spotted gum is known for its durability, rich colour and pleasing markings.


Jarrah is a vibrant timber that enjoys a high popularity for decking due to its versatility, diverse aesthetics, strength, durability, and workability.


Tallowwood is a versatile, fire resistant, and durable species native to Australia. A common choice for decking, this timber ranges from dark to pale brown, and can display hints of olive-green.

Ironbark [BFR]

As its name suggests, Ironbark is a tough and durable timber resistant to termites, rot and fire. With deep-red heartwood, it’s widely available and has a long history in heavy construction.

Sustainably sourced hardwood decking.

There is a common misconception that composite decking is the only sustainable alternative for decking projects. At Mid Coast Pergolas & Decks, we ensure that all of our timber decking materials are sustainably sourced and suitable for the Adelaide climate. We take the extra step to ensure that timber is harvested in an environmentally conscious manner, and we will happily source recycled timber for your project if desired.

Timber decking maintenance oil

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