We love screens. Learn why.

privacy fence screening

At Mid Coast Pergolas & Decks, we love screens. Here are our Top 5 reasons why you should too.

Reason 1: Screens provide protection from prevailing winds or sun glare and give your outdoor area added privacy. We always take these things into consideration when designing new decks or pergolas for our clients.

Reason 2: The screening materials we use are easy to retrofit to existing decks and pergolas because they are made from light-weight aluminium. That means they require very little framework. Our screens come in a range of finishes to complement your existing deck or pergola including faux timber and any colour in the Colorbond® range.

privacy screen on deck

Reason 3: Screens can enhance the design of your deck or pergola by visually adding texture, interest and possibly a pop of colour while diffusing strong sunlight, winds and heat in summer.

Reason 4: Screens now come in a range of styles and colours. For example, the screens we use come in a choice of vertical or horizontal battens (also known as louvers) with a variety of batten widths, from 65mm – 150mm.

Reason 5: Our screens are manufactured in Australia and because they are made from aluminium, they won’t rust if you live near the sea. They are also very easy to maintain and don’t need repainting or staining.

pool screening

Summer is coming. Yay!

As the weather gets better and Christmas gets closer, we’re all spending more time outdoors. If you are looking to enhance your outdoor area with a new deck or pergola, get in touch with us. We’re also happy to assist with retrofitting new screening to your existing deck or pergola.

As an added bonus, mention this newsletter when booking your design consultation and if you can wait until January, you’ll receive a discount on your new deck or pergola. We’ll explain more when we come to your home so get in touch today.

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