What are the 3 warning signs to look for when choosing a builder?

Unfortunately, the construction industry is plagued by horror stories about renovations, extensions and new home builds that went horribly wrong. So how do you recognise a dodgy builder when he or she comes to quote.

At Mid Coast Pergolas and Decks, we think there are 3 warning signs you should look for – especially when it comes to adding a verandah, deck, pergola or carport to your home.

Warning Sign #1 – The builder accepts cash payments

Some builders offer discounts for cash payments. It might sound like a great way to save money, but it has significant dangers. In particular, there are no transaction records if the builder doesn’t deliver what was promised and cash payments substantially reduce your consumer rights.

So if a builder offers to reduce the price for cash, run! It’s a huge red flag.

Warning Sign #2 – Verbal estimates and agreements

Always insist on a written quote that itemises (in detail) what you will receive and the materials that will be used. Also, insist on a properly drawn design plan – not a quick sketch with missing measurements and other details.

If there are any changes (also known as variations) to the original plan or quote, ensure the details are in writing and confirmed by your builder. That way, if there is a disagreement or things appear to be different to what you were expecting, you have documented evidence to support your claim.

Warning Sign #3 – Obtain expert financial advice

When planning a pergola, verandah, deck or carport, its common for people to draw down from their mortgage or include the renovation cost on their home loan. When comparing mortgage interest rates with personal loan interest rates, it may appear to be the best deal.

However, personal loans tend to be repaid over a shorter period than your mortgage. As a result, you could pay less overall interest on a personal loan so check with your mortgage broker or similar before you sign the contract to build.

What can you expect from Mid Coast Pergolas and Decks?

The difference between Mid Coast Pergolas and Decks and other builders is that we choose to specialise in alfresco construction rather than work across all areas of building. That makes us your local experts in designing and building decks, pergolas, verandahs, outdoor kitchens and carports that will suit the South Australian lifestyle.

We’ll take care of the whole process from design and obtaining council approvals through to building a totally customised outdoor entertainment area for you to enjoy. Not only that, you can sit back and relax because we believe in total transparency and regular communication with our clients.

What’s the first step?

If you are ready to begin planning your new outdoor area, get in touch to arrange your free, 30 minute Project Assessment Consultation by calling 08 8556 3906 or complete our Enquiry Form. To see what we have been up to lately, visit our Facebook page.

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