A simple guide on the benefits and options when planning an outdoor kitchen on your new pergola or deck

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outdoor kitchen design with BBQ and bar fridge and pizza oven

One of the simplest and most cost effective ways to increase your entertaining and living space is to add a pergola or deck. But don’t limit your thinking to summer usage only. With a roof, an outdoor kitchen and perhaps some shutters or screens, it could become a place for year round entertaining.

modern outdoor kitchen design

5 Benefits of adding an outdoor kitchen to your pergola or deck

There are 5 wonderful benefits to adding an outdoor kitchen to your pergola or deck. They are:

  1. It will transform your pergola or deck into a multi-purpose entertainment space.
  2. Never be stuck inside prepping food and drinks. It can all happen in your outdoor kitchen so you can enjoy the party.
  3. An outdoor kitchen provides an opportunity to create a highly versatile cooking space. Think pizza oven, rotisserie, gourmet barbeque and much more.
  4. Adding an outdoor kitchen to your pergola or deck will enhance the desirability and value of your home.
  5. A well designed pergola or deck with outdoor kitchen will create a super fun and highly functional space to comfortably entertain larger groups of family and friends.
Beefeater BBQ and pizza oven outdoor kitchen

6 Things you need to consider when planning your outdoor kitchen

  1. Consider adding plumbing so your outdoor kitchen can accommodate a sink and dishwasher to make cleaning up a breeze.
  2. Think about adding a canopy rangehood and refrigerator to increase the functionality of your outdoor kitchen.
  3. Don’t forget to request gas outlets to power grills, barbeques and heating.
  4. Ceiling fans or fine misting systems will keep the area cool and comfortable – even on the hottest days.
  5. Don’t forget to allow plenty of bench space so you have all the room you need and cabinetry to keep everything close to hand.
  6. Think about your lighting as you may wish to combine task lighting over your outdoor kitchen and ambiance lighting for the rest of your pergola or deck.
BBQ Built In Black with bar fridge

Important to note

Even if your outdoor kitchen is undercover, the appliances and light fittings will need to be suitable for outdoor use and comply with Australian safety standards. Mobile and modular outdoor kitchens don’t need to follow the same safety and durability standards, so be careful.

The possibilities are endless

Mid Coast Pergolas & Decks will help you explore the possibilities to ensure your new pergola or deck will enhance your life and improve your property value. We take care of everything – including designing, approvals and construction.

If you are ready to begin designing your pergola, deck or outdoor kitchen, get in touch with us. Or read about our free 30 minute project assessment consultation to learn more about our approach to designing and building outdoor kitchens.

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